Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert. It’s made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries, with toasted oatmeal soaked overnight in a wee splash of whisky.

At Cranachan Publishing we focus on sourcing the finest, freshest writing so that we can produce books that our readers will want to devour in one sitting.

Anne Glennie


Making sure that Cranachan serves up mouth-watering books, Anne Glennie, as the founder and director, heads up the team. With a degree in English Language and Literature, she has always been passionate about reading, learning and books.

Anne also runs her own education consultancy, The Learning Zoo which offers leading-edge training in all aspects of children’s literacy for teachers. She is a founding committee member of IFERI, a member of the RRF, and is known for her thought-provoking education comment pieces.

A writer herself, she focuses on creative non-fiction– but also writes fiction freelance for reading schemes used in schools. She is the author of nine children’s reading books and has also written Reflective Reading, a handbook for teachers on how to teach reading comprehension in the primary classroom.


Kelly Macdonald

/publicity and sales manager

Kelly comes to Cranachan Publishing from a career in book-selling, where she specialised in Children’s, Young Adult and Fantasy fiction. With previous experience in public relations and social media management, Kelly is passionate about spreading the word about our quality children’s fiction and is an avid reader.

A native of the Isle of Lewis, she now lives in Aviemore with her 3 sons, husband and Stanley the pug, and loves returning to her home island for visits, especially to Cranachan HQ.



/cranachan HQ manager

Moomin is our guard and gate keeper at Cranachan HQ. She lets us know when someone is at the door and when it’s time for a treat.

Her favourite past-time is licking visitors’ ears. You have been warned…

Iain Glennie

/finance manager

Preferring to hide in the back office, Iain likes books of the accounting kind. Controlling the cash-flow and all things financial, he keeps Cranachan in the black. Having been an IT manager in a previous life, he is also our technical support hotline.  When he’s not busy sorting invoices or print-runs, Iain can be found on the croft tending to his Hebridean sheep or his glamping business, Hebridean Huts.