Kimberlie Hamilton is a nonfiction writer with a MFA degree in Screenwriting from the University of California in Los Angeles. An animal welfare activist, she is an authority on cats and serves on the Board of Directors for an American non-profit organisation that helps homeless felines. Kimberlie is a prolific blogger with a passion for digital storytelling, specialising in travel, history, culture, human interest stories and various animal-related topics. A former California resident, she relocated to northern Scotland in 2017 and is documenting her fish-out-of-water adventures for an upcoming memoir and travel guide. Kimberlie plans to enter a Master’s Degree program in Creative & Cultural Communications at the University of Aberdeen in the fall of 2018.

Cranachan is very excited to be publishing ‘Scotland’s Animal Superstars’, a fabulous nonfiction title for 8-12s under the Pokey Hat imprint in late 2019.

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