Reflective Reading: Engaging and Practical Ideas for Teaching Reading Comprehension in the Primary Classroom

Anne Glennie

Put the magic back into reading!

Engaging, inspirational, and practical – the complete course book and teacher’s guide for Reflective Reading. This exciting approach improves attainment and motivation by revamping reading comprehension in the primary classroom.

Put the magic back into reading through fun, engaging ideas and activities for the teaching of reading. Create life-long readers with good reading habits, who read for pleasure and appreciate text in all its forms.

Ensure higher order thinking skills are embedded within teaching and learning using a new, child-friendly taxonomy – the Comprehension Compass. Teachers and children will enjoy completing and creating Task Maps, Long Reads and Short Reads and TexTplorers activities.

Inside you will find:

  • Short Read texts and activities, suitable for whole-class teaching and shared reading
  • Long Read activities and Task Map exemplars, for reading groups and differentiation
  • Advice on assessment, planning, managing reading in the classroom and choosing texts
  • Guidance on ‘How to Build a Reader’ and identifying reading difficulties
  • Child Friendly Reading Booklets to encourage a learning dialogue about reading to support Assessment is for Learning
  • A ‘Cultivating a Reading Culture’ questionnaire to encourage collegiate reflection on your school’s current reading practice

Also includes photocopiable lesson plans, templates, and downloadable resources – so you can get started straightaway!

This book provides the ideal accompaniment to in-service training and serves as a ‘teacher’s manual’ for those who are unable to attend face-to-face training. Definitely one for the staffroom shelf!