Our only YA title for 2021 is the hotly anticipated third book in the Four Treasures series by Caroline Logan. Be reunited with Ailsa and her ragtag gang of creatures and misfits as we pick up where Book 2, The Cauldron of Life, left us reeling from all the plot twists and turns!

Haven’t joined the journey to Eilanmor yet? Start this Scottish fantasy epic now with The Stone of Destiny. In the meantime, we must show patience as The Sword of Light isn’t out until 7th October 2021. But to whet your appetite, here’s the cover with unicorn Laire taking pride of place.

The Sword of Light by Caroline Logan

Get ready for battle…

With everyone still healing after their encounter with the faerie queen, Ailsa MacAra had hoped to spend time with her long lost brother. But something strange happened to Cameron in the land of the fae, revealing that the world is under threat. Wicked and powerful forces have come to Ossiana and there is only one way to stop it: find The Four Treasures and ready yourself for battle. 

Relying on rumours and secrets, Ailsa and her friends are sent off to scour the kingdom for the mythical weapons: to the north, where tales of witches and monsters are told; to the faerie court, where the defeated faerie queen might be the key to their salvation; and to a remote village, where fae have been disappearing for years. 

Now, with war brewing across the continent, they’re in a race against time to find The Four Treasures. But will the magical objects be enough to defeat a god?

Cover Reveal: The Sword of Light (Book 3 in the Four Treasures series) by Caroline Logan

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