Euro Spies by Lindsay Littleson


Samia, Ava and Frankie think they’ve won a sight-seeing trip to Europe, but their chaperone, the enigmatic Miss Watson, is a spy and they are on a mission for MI6…



Samia is thrilled to win a sight-seeing holiday to Europe, but when shots are fired in the middle of the night on the Euro Metro, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary school trip.

The enigmatic chaperone, Miss Watson, is forced to admit that the trip is being used as cover for a spying mission. Her colleague in M16 has vanished—presumed dead—and has left behind a trail of cryptic clues leading to vital information.

Samia, and her fellow prize-winners, Ava and Frankie, are catapulted into a world of art, espionage, and terrible danger. Can the children solve the fiendish clues hidden on famous European landmarks and avoid the scary strangers who are stalking their every move?

Euro Spies by Lindsay Littleson
978-1-911279-54-9 | £7.99 | 20th April 2023

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Euro Spies by Lindsay Littleson


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