Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson

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When 12-year-old Rab finds a mysterious hag stone, he sees witches coming to claim his sisters for their coven in this historical adventure based on the life of Robert Burns.



In 1771, Robert Burns, future national poet and folk hero of Scotland, has big problems.

12-year-old Rab spends all of his time doing backbreaking work on his family’s farm instead of attending school, but when he finds a hag stone in one of the fields, everything changes.

Looking through its circular hole, he sees witches gathering in a coming storm, and they’ve set their sights on his family. Can Rab save his sisters from the clutches of the witches’ coven before their Halloween ceremony in the old kirk?

Filled with mystery and magic, Hag Storm is a spooky, historical adventure with a supernatural twist, based on the life of Robert Burns and one of his most famous and best-loved poems, Tam O’Shanter.

Hag Storm
Victoria Williamson

978-1-911279-91-4 Paperback
978-1-911279-92-1 eBook

30th October 2021

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Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson

1 review for Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson

  1. Lorna Davenport

    Absolutely loved this novel. The characters are so compelling and well crafted. The setting and the historical details are fascinating. I think it is an ideal novel for Second Level / upper primary. The book and it’s characters lived on with me for days…I kept wondering about what will happen next to Rab and his family. Thank you for it’s creation Victoria Williamson and Cranachan Publishing. The online resources for teaching are also excellent.

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