Tiger Skin Rug by Joan Haig

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An old promise. A mysterious tiger.
A magical adventure.


An old promise. A mysterious tiger.
A magical adventure.

Lal and his brother Dilip miss home. They don’t like drizzle, midges, or the tiger skin rug in their creepy new house. All they want is to leave Scotland and go back to India. But that’s before they make friends with Jenny, and before the tiger comes back to life…

The tiger tells them it will take them home in return for their help: it cannot rest until it fulfils an old promise. Can Lal, Dilip and Jenny help it on its quest? Who is trying to stop them? And will they get back home?

Fly into the night with this fabulous tale of adventure, friendship and what it means to find home.

Tiger Skin Rug
Joan Haig

978-1-911279-64-8 Paperback
978-1-911279-65-5 eBook

Publication/ 6th Feb 2020

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Tiger Skin Rug by Joan Haig

2 reviews for Tiger Skin Rug by Joan Haig

  1. Annemarie Allan (verified owner)

    Lal and his little brother Dilip want only to leave Scotland and return to the life they knew in India. Not even their new friend Jenny can make up for an endless supply of cold grey castles, midges and rain. Their new home is nothing like the modern apartment they left behind. It is stuck in the past, filled with the relics of its previous owner.
    But then comes the discovery that the most mysterious object in the house, an elderly tiger skin rug, contains a restless spirit that cannot give up on life until it has delivered one last vital message.
    ‘Tiger Skin Rug’ concerns itself with the global issue of the fragility of the natural world and our responsibility to protect it, but it never preaches. Instead it uses those issues as the springboard into a world of magic and adventure. Together with Jenny, the boys set off on a voyage of discovery. Their journey starts in the parts of London the tourists never see, before it moves further and further afield, to the sprawling, vibrant city of Mumbai and then to one of the last of the wild places, the wooded mountains where the tiger hopes to find peace at last.
    Every location on their journey is brimming with authenticity. People and places are skilfully drawn and the characters leap off the page, especially the street children of Mumbai. It is the story of a journey that teaches the boys and Jenny about home and loyalty and friendship – and what it truly means to belong.
    A thrilling, magical story that grips the reader’s attention from the very first page.

  2. Elyena O’Kane (verified owner)

    Just finished reading this beautiful story for the second time with my children since receiving the book in February. We have travelled and shared the adventure excitement, intrigue and emotions of Lal, Dilip and Jenny as if we were with them all the way. Making places and things come to life and jump out of the page, we look forward to reading this story again and again.

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